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"You ready?" Haikyuu Boyfriend Scenarios He Slaps You Written by David in Boy Last Updated August 29, 2022 You're out with your friends at a bar, enjoying a few drinks and some laughs when you spot him across the room. "I forgot the others!" #nishinoya "Can I help you pal?" I will just tell you one thing. Let the games begin.__________________An unexpected rogue attack changed the life of Kayla Xanders. As you put in a movie, he glanced away from you and sent a message with a smirk.Lev You helped Kiyoko set up the next in the gym for some of Nekoma's players to come in and practice with Karasuno and Fukurodani. The guy gave a nod then backed way with a 'Tch' as Tanaka stepped in front of you and motioned around you before you pecked his cheek with a giggle. "Go Noya!" "Nope, not one bit. "- all day his grin is so so big - "YEAH THERE THEY ARE MY PARTNER!" UkaiYou and Ukai sat on the couch at your house, you just gotten off of work and Ukai didn't have to coach but he did have to run the store today. *In Editing*. can i have their reactions to it ?, pairings: oikawa x reader, suna x reader, iwaizumi x reader, a/n: hiii omg thanks for the request bb, i love this idea aaahh its so cute!! You stared at the guy with your eyes slightly narrowed after he grabbed your hand and gave you a smirk. #haikyuu I cant be your friend Ley when I know how you taste.. "Team Nekoma Kuroo "I'll go get him." I call him Slick as well." You looked back at it with a sigh before you pulled out a bag just before a tap hit your shoulder. There is no editing whatsoever here! Lev. You." You gave a small yelp and gasp after Akaashi gave you a smack on the butt that echoed just before he sat in the computer chair at your desk. Once the two of you past by the rest of the team Hinata gave Yamaguchi a thumbs up as Yama gave a blushing grin.Nishinoya "I'll only be a second." "Hey there. "I love you." "Love you too. "She's taken." "Been a while huh, I just came by to. He came for me. Her brother set her up and sent her to a man when she was 20 years old. He'd find you there, safe and sound, with a game controller in your hands. "Hey watch it!" "Just come with me." He smirked then leaned over to you as you scooter over more only for Tendou to jump in the middle of the two of you. You smiled as he gave a smirk, Akaashi stared at him with an raised eyebrow. "- After he makes sure everything is okay he's fine - "YOU SURE LOOK HOT BABE" - He's at your knees he worships you - The only person who can admire you this much is him and your mom - "Wow honey that's such a cute cheer outfit" your mom - "I KNOW RIGHT MS. L/N THEY LOOK GREAT! Akaashi! I snapped my eyes open, turning in the direction of the threat. "Seriously?" I glared at him, the sound of his voice had me pooling in my. "What now?" Boyfriend Scenarios!! Kenma looked down then back up, he tried to say your name to get your attention but you kept talking to yourself about what to do. Just! You smiled and pecked his cheek as he stared at the guy.Kyoutani You gave a small smile after pecking Kyoutani's shoulder while you held his arm as you waited for him to get finished talking with his coach. "Mine." "Excuse me? "Only out of love. "Mhm." It was just you since you helped enough in the gym for the day. please always love yourself <33, pairings: kuroo x reader, daichi x reader, bokuto x reader, a/n: im not gonna say any wordszero words just thoughtsjust thinking, just thinking thoughtshead very full, head fullso many thoughts, head so full (part 2and part 3 here!! You blushed a deep red after you ended your yawn when Kuroo gave you a playful pop on the butt, you turned around to see him smirking. He pecked your lips and gave you another soft pop, you 'Tch'ed as he chuckled and waved you off once he got to the door, you gave a head shake and continued to speak.Team Nekoma Kuroo You smiled with a small chuckle as you sat in front of Kuroo in the room the girl's were staying in for the night. - On his private story he posts "did you see y/n today? After you pulled back you went over to help Yachi with the net while the boys were stretching. Kuroo grabbed your hand and held it taking another look and smirking at the guy. "I thought you were going to the bathroom." Zane Black, Alpha of the Blue moon pack, was gorgeous, powerful and just what every woman dreamed of or so he thought.Hello, mate he said with a smirk.I looked at him blankly for a moment before I slowly smirked at him.I reject you, Mr. Alpha, I said in a bored tone.His brows furrowed as he stared at me uncomprehendingly. Updating status. You gave a confused look then shook your head. "Uh huh." Oikawa smiled and gave shrugged shoulders to Iwaizumi before walking over to you, you placed your hands on the cart before taking them off quickly and putting them on your butt as you yelped and Oikawa walked past you. You gave a smile and a nod as you laid down your coat on the seat behind you, a couple minutes later as you two made small talk before you felt a tap on your shoulder. "Be back!" "Was this necessary?" "I'll be right back okay." "I guess so but." As you and Yachi made small talk, Hinata was prancing with his team, once Kageyama spiked the ball he grunted. #bokuto "Thank you again." #kageyama "H-hey." Why did she really reject Zane? "Come on." Haikyuu!! You smiled with a head shake as he stared at you, you pecked his cheek then held onto his arm. "Um, no I'm actually waiting for some one." "I was about to go turn it into the lost and found. Oikawa ran out of the gym from Iwaizumi only to stop and see a guy walking towards you and you continued to back up. I do think you're cute." Well, have fun not being single any longer. You think I am not worthy to be your mate? "I wasn't asking you." I." You giggled and hugged Tendou tightly as he did the same to you back. Kuroo looked down at the guy as he gave a nod as walked away, you smiled and shut the van doors and followed behind Tsukishima. Someone's hitting on your lady?" You smiled and gave small giggles sitting next to Noya, he kept flicking paper footballs at you that had cute writings in them. - He's literally so happy your wearing a cheer outfit words can't explain it 1. I muttered breathless, my head clouded with so much ne , just as the title foretells, this is my first oneshots book from the popular anime, Haikyuu!!. Hello there!! "Thanks." "You need some help?" "Hold on girl. <33, pairings: bokuto x reader, kuroo x reader, oikawa x reader, request: id love to request bokuto, kuroo and oikawas reactions to finding their s/o just staring at their insecurities in the mirror, a/n: first of allim dumb! When He Slaps Your Butt When You're Cold When He Sees You Cry (In editing) Random Scenario: When He Gets You Flowers When The Two Of You Fall Asleep Together When He Asks You To Prom How The Two Of You Sleep Together New Character!! "Akaashi! But would he be able to let her go? He stepped into the gym only to see you staring at a guy that was giving you a smirk. "Nah it's okays. "Dating." He walked past Hinata and gave him a grin before going into his group circle.Inouka "Here you go." As you walked over to the door and opened it with another yawn, Kuroo smirked and followed behind you. (Y/n)." You smiled as you pecked his cheek before leaving the gym as he watched you with a smile. The Forsaken Daughter's ReturnBook 3: Flash Marriage: A Billionaire For A Rebound, Ashley Grey knows better than to get involved with her bestfriend that's in a relationship. I can't your so cutee"- Could take about you or with you for hours about how cute you are - "Yes Yamaguchi i saw your partner, they look nice"- Tsukishima is tired of hearing of you but WILL still listen because he wants his best friend to be happy, Oikawa- " ew"- He's mad you look better than him - He still stares at you all day tho - "Wow" he whispers under his breath- At home he's so affectionate - "all I'm saying is you don't look half bad in a cheer outfit but consider matching"- He would teach you a little dance or cheer - (Is this out of character please lmk) - Also brags you his little fan girls, Iwaizumi- uses his arms to cover you up - He loves seeing you in one tho - "Woah I- I um you like really nice? Once you gotten out of you seat, Noya reached over and gave you a slap on the butt before leaning back to the desk, you gave a small yelp after the light popping sound and looked at Noya, you had red cheeks as he had light pink cheeks when he chuckled and gave you shrugged shoulders. "Did you smack my butt?" "My pick-up lines are great." She has been keeping her feelings for him a secret for years. "Hey!" pairings: suna x reader, oikawa x reader, osamu x reader, genre: fluff, slightly angsta/n: (part 2 ,part 3 , part 4 here!! "What was that about?" "Sorry I'm late." Have a good morning/day/afternoon/night !! "Love you." I swallowed hard as bile threatened to rise from my throat. You blushed as you waved at Tendou as he did the same on the court. "I love you." What happens when the mysterious stranger now comes to claim her? "Hey uh. #lev He was satisfied, running a business, not intending to be in any relationship. "Suga?" He then crouched down a bit as he walked past you, and when he did he smacked your butt, it was soft but yet it still echoed, before standing back up all the way with a chuckle, walking faster after you gave a small yelp and placed your hand on your butt. if not then just ignore this <3, pairings: kuroo x reader, bokuto x reader, atsumu x reader, a/n: helloo bb and thanks for your nice words!! "Kenma!" "Are you lost too cutie?" "You and Tendou are so cute." Hello anime fans! "Hey there!" BOOK ONE:You can fight me all you want, Grace, but you can't ignore what you feel for me forever. "What?" He gave a chuckle at the guy walking way, you gave flustered cheeks and a head shake and walked away from him with a giggle as he gave white eyes. Was all I said before I stormed out of there.__________________________After a drunken one night stand with a stranger, Grace Evans wakes up with a note left at her bedside. You smiled and gave a small wave towards Lev before you and Kiyoko went into the gym to go help the managers set up the net. "Have I done anything to despise you?" "Fukunaga You helped Yachi toss the volleyballs onto to the players as the practiced spiking. You sat up straight as he chuckled and placed the cup in the sink, your cheeks were red as you stared at him them smiled and continued to talk on the phone. You go practice." He gave a head shake and a smirk, you stood the the bathroom door way and rubbed in fountain under your eyes. "Hm?" everyone needs to see what a great job you did!, standing behind you, he twists the clasp of it to the back of your neck, no worries, you always do the same fixing the tag of my shirts, when everythings in place, he lets your hair down, he gently rubs your back, sitting by your side, and in no time his hand is once again resting on the back of your neck, either gently squeezing your neck to get your attention, or running his fingers into your hair to massage the base of your head, if you make him laugh really hard while hes scratching your scalp, he will certainly tilt your head closer to him to press a sweet kiss to your temple, so is it actually his fault that your necklace is always in the wrong spot? *In Editing*. #yamaguchi, An Lmao I deleted my face revel just because if anyone I knew saw I would ran away, Also THANK YOU SO MUCH YALL ARE SO NICE THANKS FOR HYPING ME TF UP, I think it's so cool cause like we're all friends , Also I'm so sorry I'm so behind on requests and homework , Hinata- If you went to his practices he wouldn't be able to focus - He can't keep his Eyes off you - "You look so cute y/n! Thank u so much if u do this!! Tanaka gave a growl after Noya pointed out the guy that was talking to you before he took your hand. Hinata stepped in front of him and pushed you behind him as the guy took a step back as Hinata gave him narrowed eyes. Enjoy! You smiled and gave her a nod, as you walked with her to the fountain. You gave a nod and removed your hand to take out your phone, still glancing up a the guy. You smiled and gave a nod to the guy who was no more than two years older than you. Terushima smirked seeing you walk down the hall, he was going to call your name but instead just followed behind the two of you, listening to y'all conversation. "Oooh Iwaizumi, get it. The guy gave narrowed eyes before walking away with a 'Tch', you smiled after Akaashi took your hand and pulled you a long. Oikawa gave narrowed eyes with small duck lips as he put his hands on his hips. It would be a tense few moments, but you would stand up and thank Kenma for letting you stay with him so late into the night. "Hey." "You ready?" You gave a confused look as Akaashi did the same, he then lifted up your hand and kissed it before putting an arm around your waist. everything would be so much easier if i had you by my side the whole day, you should slow down, youre always looking after everyone but yourself, he gently grabs one of your thighs and leaves a couple of soft kisses here and there, so youre gonna stop taking care of me?, you lower down to kiss his head, caressing his face, he starts humming, while you trace his features with your fingers, he nods, whispering a sleepy thanks against your leg, you hold the book with one hand and the other rests on his forehead, he chuckles, looking up at you with heart eyes, earlier you asked him if you could braid his hair. Terushima chuckled then gave a head shake and walked into the building, you saw him and gave a smile before the guys smile faded. "Kill it!" You gave light pink cheeks when you looked back at Daichi, he gave a smile and blushed as well as he walked backwards and into the gym. You smiled as you glanced up to see Akiteru as he looked down at the guy. "I guess so but." "Good luck." Seven years later, she had become a ruthless Alpha, feared and respected by all. "I love you too." "OtherAkiteru You gave a deep breath once you stepped into the Tournament's gym, you were on your way to the gym part with your team mates before you saw Akiteru. "Argh!" They looked adorable", Nishinoya- best hype man - "OKAY YOU ATE THAT" - "BRO YOUR SO FINE" - "OKAYYY" - He's so embarrassing but at the same time he's Really hyping you up - Literally so in love with you - "I thought you looked good without a cheer outfit on, Tsukishima- "Oh"- Inside he's feeling - Hold your thigh - Pecks your cheek - So much more affectionate - "Yeah I guess you look nice, whatever you always look nice what's so special about today?- HE KNOWS WHATS SO SPECIAL - When he gets home he tells his brother he's fallen more for you, Yamaguchi - he also just thinks you look cute - "W-wow! "Good. "I don't even know." The guys seeing their ex, months or years later with another man, her boyfriend or future husband, she's all happy and they acknowledge they. It's quiet and can be done hands free so it doesn't detract from his work. He grabbed your waist and walked beside you giving everyone who looked your direction with narrow eyes, you just smiled and held onto his arm.DaichiYou smiled at Daichi as you held his hand on the way back to your house, he saw Ukai sensei and stopped by. Solomon taps his writing implements. The last words of the note both startle and confuse her especially since she saw her mate die in front of her very eyes. As you walked past Yams, he lifted up his hand quickly, only to smack your butt in the process, you gave a small gasp as Yama did the same. You cracked a smile and he did the same, you then started to laugh as he gave light pink cheeks and chuckled. ", (Sorry if some are terrible but I hope you enjoyed this, more to come soon), Your Nicknames For Each Other (In editing), Random Scenario: When He Gets You Flowers, When The Two Of You Watch Ghost Adventures Together (In editing), Image Scenario: When He Gets You A Plushy (In editing), Random Scenario(Part 2): When He Gets You A Plushy, Random Scenario(Part 1): Couple Jewelry Set, Random Scenario(Part 2): Couple Jewelry Set, Random Scenario(Part 1): Matching T-shirts, Random Scenario(Part 2): Matching T-shirts, When You Reference To A Vine (In Editing), Random Scenario(Part 1):The Picture He Relates You To, Random Scenario(Part 2):The Picture He Relates You To, Gif Scenario: His Reaction If He Saw You Perform The WAP , Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction If He Saw You Perform The WAP , Gif Scenario: His Reaction After He Reads A Love Note Given To You , Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction After He Reads A Love Note Given To You , Gif Scenario (Part 1): How The Two Of You Dance Together When Alone , Gif Scenario (Part 2) How The Two Of You Dance Together When Alone , Gif Scenario (Part 1): His Reaction If You Sent Him A Nude While Out In Public , Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction If You Sent Him A Nude While Out In Public , Image Scenario (Part 1): Your And His Spicy Text Conversation , Image Scenario (Part 2): Your And His Spicy Text Conversation , Image Scenario (Part 1): Your Birthday Party Surprise From Him , Image Scenario (Part 2): Your Birthday Party Surprise From Him , Image Scenario (Part 1): Your And His Couple Aesthetic , Image Scenario (Part 2): Your And His Couple Aesthetic , Haikyuu!! "Maybe. #oikawa Lev looked back at you with a chuckle as you gave blushing cheeks and playful narrowed eyes. "She's my pretty girl and only I'm aloud to call her that." You gave a small head shake then kissed Daichi'a chin. You felt bad seeing that he felt bad, you hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, he gave a soft smile and hugged you back. Or dating him?" You turned to see Hinata and gave him a smile as he grabbed your hand. You gave a small yelp as a guy from your math class gave a chuckle. "Who's that?" "She's mine you!" Your cheeks turned more red, you gave a small giggle as Kyoutani glanced back to see you step back into the bathroom, he looked down with a smirk before returning back to his serious face once he stepped outside and you followed him. He was always surrounded by numerous women. He chuckled with blush you smiled with blush, then continued to walk with your teammates. You scanned the items and gave him a glance before looking down to type in his change. "Nishinoya You were in Chemistry class, your schedule got changed so you were in the same class with some of the volleyball boys, including Nishinoya. (I do not own any of the art) "Hey!!" He gave a chuckle and waited for you to give him a full hug before he hugged you back. "I-i don't know. "Yep!" His hand snaked around the back of my neck as he took one more step. Just before the guy could finish speaking Tanaka stood behind you with narrowed eyes and a small growl. "Then why are you speaking to me?" "My name is Clair, Alpha Aeon," I answered respectfully. no longer active, but thank you for the support <3, . He thought he had everything planned out until she turned out to be the fated mate he never wanted. He took a deep breath and savored that blossoming scent, coming from the girl.His eyes unwittingly closed as he found himself relishing into the brief but stirring kiss!When the kiss ended, Kyle's eyes struggled to open. "Yes unless I can get your number as well?" "Kyoutani "Okay I'll be done in a second." "I said you didn't need make up." #nekoma #asahi "Is mine." #volleyball. "Akaashi! After a series of pushing and pulling, she eventually left him. You were about to speak when Fukunaga came up to you but he took the piece of paper and crumpled it before going up into the stands. "Love you. Understood? "Yeah I kno-." "I love you." "Oops, sorry darling." And on verge of death?Will he take her in?Will he able to hate her despite knowing they are mate's now?Will she just be a girl his wolf needs for his nightly urges or their could be a missing spark, waiting to be lighted between them.Was she already dead from the inside or could she learn to love again?She was the girl who died.Yet the girl who rose and survived.She was Eirene Water's, the girl he banished.Aka Viper, She got involved with the most noble man in Darlsbury in an accident. "He was hitting on you." All Ongoing Completed. index message archives Rules Tags About the Admins theme. He has led his pack for years without a Luna and was contented to remain that way. "Kitten.." He then gave you a small pop on your butt when you walked past the end of the where he was at. Three years of marriage was neither short nor long, yet he did not acknowledge her as Mrs. Ferguson. Enjoy . "I love you. Daichi smiled and gave you a nod as he stood outside of the gym with you, you just gave a smile as he handed you your bag. let me see how it looks, he comes near you, noticing youre avoiding his gaze, shrugging, you sit on your bed away from him, sure, you could have just go and stayed with your clothes on the entire time but that would have been even more awkward, he sits beside you, lazily tracing circles on you knee, looking the other way, you grab a pillow to cover your tummy, i dont want anybody to see my stretch marks, he easily picks you up, putting you on his legs to give you a desperate hug, with his arms wrapped tightly around you, he buries his face in the crook of your neck, he gently rocks you, leaving a kiss on your jaw, do i have to explain to you that those are totally normal and its just the skin stretching and disrupting the production of collagen, again?, you playfully roll your eyes, not in the mood for a lecture, he slowly lifts up your shirt to kiss your belly, theyre nothing you should be worried about, you wanted to try this new hairstyle you saw on instagram, but now looking at yourself in the mirror, you realize this way the acne scars on your forehead are too visible, your boyfriend comes in the bathroom to admire your work, but you quickly remove all the hairpins to fix your bangs, smiling, he cups your face to leave a peck on your lips, and for a reason. "Oh Itried to get your attentionKuroo said that.." you smiled and sat next to him, putting your arms around his neck and kissing his cheek before getting back up. You and the guy looked over to see Ukai closing his phone before stepping beside you and putting his hand around your waist as the guy left. You turned to look at Yamaguchi, his hand wide eyes and red cheeks, you smiled as he looked down and swallowed. He looked at you with narrowed eyes, you sealed your lips before smiling with blush, making him continue to walk with an eye roll and small smirk. My Alpha came for me. Kuroo gave a smirk as he walked with Tsukishima back to the van with his hands in his pockets and his eyes shut. Dirty, Little, Traitor [Scaramouche x Reader As a member of the Fatui military, it is extremely important to follow the rules of your superiors But you said friends shouldn't have sex "Not really. nica @nicakenn Jan 5. haikyuu characters responding to / reacting to : them kissing someone else on new years while dating you - a short kuroo story. I am living for your thigh cuddles head canons!! "Love you." #haikyuu You smiled hearing Hinata cheer and such, Yachi tried to make small talk before a shadow stepped beside you. its always nice to see you, he immediately looks up at the ceiling, trying to hide his flushed cheeks, when he notices the little bundle of leaves and berries above your heads, he freezes on the spot, intrigued by his shocked face, you follow his gaze seeing the mistletoe as well, you two look at each other with wide eyes, and when he realizes what he said, he lowers his head in shame, he mutters under his breath, avoiding your eyes and staring at his shoes, but suddenly he feels your soft hands grabbing his face, his heart beats faster and faster, as he sees your face coming up to his own, leaning on, you rest your mouth on his to give him a peck, when you two hear someone whistling and whooping, while noya and hinata are clapping, tanaka is sulking with his arms crossed, with his cheek pressed into your hand, you slightly pull away, you observe how his lips curled into a smile as he slept, after you gave him a kiss, so you lean down to give him another peck, but when you move away once again, you notice his eyebrows furrow and his mouth molding into a pout, delicate fingers grab your chin, as his eyelashes flutter against your skin, you kiss him once, twice, until you feel hislegs moving while theyre entwined with yours under the covers, when you feel his hand resting on the back of your neck, and he pulls you closer, kissing you deeper and harder, you hear his sleepy voice, while he tries his hardest to open his eyes, running your hand through his hair, you tenderly smile down at him, but you know what they say, its bad luck if you refuse to kiss under the mistletoe, he peers at you in confusion, as you giggle, so he looks above his head, seeing it hangs from the headboard, but i can stop kissing you if it bothers you, the very corner of his lips twitching into a smirk, strolling down the street hand in hand, the two of you are holiday shopping around the city, as you look for the last presents, you see a lovely stand with Christmas items, dragging him over there, youre charmed by the handcraft decorations, he immediately notices the mistletoe above your heads, and the lady behind the stall winks at him with a grin on her face, but you actually saw it as soon as you got closer to the stand, so you try to ignore him, not wanting to draw the attention of passerby to you two, you turn around, just to find his lips waiting for a kiss, were only here to find a gift for your mom, but before you can say anything else, his arms are around you, with your chest presses against his, you can already feel your knees getting weaker, gently bending back your head, he kisses you, softly at first and then more and more intensely, when he pulls away, you became a blushing mess, you want to scold him, but your lips are still shaking, so you manage to push him away, pretending to be mad at him, and even if your heart is pounding in your ears, you can still hear the lady in front of you sniggering, he chuckles as well, leaning closer to you, but today he didnt even greet you when he arrived, he immediately sat beside you on the bed, laying his head on your laps, you know that in such cases the best thing to do is to cuddle him for a bit before asking anything, so you start to gently pat his head, running your fingers through his short hair, your touch alone is enough to calm him down, his clenched jaw relaxes immediately, letting a soft sigh escapes his lips, also his hand, no longer closed in a fist, draws circles on your knee now, with your fingertip, you start tracing the word hi on his back, he then grabs your other hand, leaving a peck on your knuckles, hearing your soft giggle above him melts his heart, so you keep tracing some doodles on his back and then a small ily, to which he replies drawing a heart with his thumb on the back of your hand, he slightly lifts his head to leave some soft kisses on your thigh and then hugging your waist, he nods, mumbling something against your tummy, cupping his face, you tilt it up to brush your lips against his forehead, poor baby, hes not used to compliments and always gets so embarrassed when you praise him, getting lost in your gentle eyes, everything that bothered him just fades away, like every morning he woke up early to go running, he sneaked out of the bed as quietly as possible to not wake you up, and after a quick shower hes now hovering above you, seeing you all curled up makes him chuckle, he gently brushes some hair out of your face just to see your eyebrows furrow, the bed is so cold without you, why did you have to leave, okay but for real though, hes a literal heater, whining and pouting, you tug on the end of his hoodie, he gladly obeys, lazily laying his head on your stomach and caressing your thigh, then rolling on his back, he moves his head on your lap and looks up at you, your mouth is slightly open and your eyes are struggling to stay open, he cant control the smile that is spreading across his face, you mutter, covering his mouth with your hand, as he gives a peck to your palm, he grabs your hand to leave a trail of kisses on your arm, then he rests it on top of his chest, intertwining his fingers with yours, your lips curl into a smile as you drift off to sleep once again.